Achieving More With Less

TruDecision presents to major U.S lenders at the defi Solutions technology summit. Click to view and download the presentation:

defi FEST 2017


  • Introduction: Achieving More With Less
  • ROA
  • Originations
  • Servicing
  • Questions
  • Achieving More With Less


More what?

  • Closed Deals
  • Financial Return
  • Cash Collected


Less what?

  • Headcount
  • Expense
  • Delinquency and Loss
  • Capital Cost


Why Now?

  • The market has shifted
  • New/Used Sales Declining
  • Used Vehicle Values Dropping
  • Capital Costs Increasing
  • Growth Reversed
  • Investment Stalled
  • Shortage of older vehicles keeping values higher
  • New to a few years old seeing sharp decline
  • New investment is not coming into auto
  • Funding costs (warehouse and ABS) increasing
  • Lenders curtailing volume to live within their means
  • Large players pulling back insubprime due to market optics
  • PE-backed firms not seeing many exit opportunities
  • Recovery values dropping
  • Servicing strategy
  • Vehicle value dynamics


The New Mandate: Return over Growth

  • Every dollar put to work in a loan must be deployed to meet the return target
  • Every cost must be managed to protect that return target
  • 100bps of expense is 100bps of expense


The ROA Mode


  • Which one of these could actually fly?



  • defi (or dee-fah if you are from the South) afford lenders the flexibility to create nearly unlimited customization
  • It is very tempting to have too much complexity in the buying program, and doing so often provides a false sense of security
  • Achieve MORE by doing LESS